"Everyday life is like programming, I guess. If you love something you can put beauty into it."

Donald E. Knuth


I'm really appreciate to see you on my homepage. As a Business Analyst and Full-Stack Developer I make your business efficient. You can find on my portfolio site all about technical skills and actual projects I'm working on and also visit my Mister Developer blog. If you're looking for professional consultations I invite you to contact me.

Damian Adamus

My skills.

Design UI/UX

About my work.

Business / System Analyst

I've been working in Capgemini since August 2015. The main project I'm working on is FW Project for public sector. You can read about my main duties below:

  • identyfing and validating key business requirements,
  • providing technical expertise in evaluating and developing system and procedures,
  • veryfing delivered software functionalities by using integration, black-boxing and acceptance tests,
  • providing analytical models using existing standards,
  • prioritizing deliverables with management team based on feasibility analysis and project scopes,
  • identyfing services in application code to sequence diagrams.
Business Analyst

I was working in Angels Den as a Business Analyst in 2016. This start-up from UK is an angel-led investing platform, matching businesses with experienced lead investors before opening the funding to angel investors. It was one of extra jobs cooperates in consulting. Below my duties:

  • veryfing Product Owner functional and nonfunctional requirements,
  • creating workflows by using Microsoft technical stack,
  • preparing analytical documentation,
  • testing a lead counting algorithm delivered by IdeasOn,
  • working on ASP.NET MVC architecture, running application on Microsoft Azzure cloud platform.
Business / System Analyst

I was working in Banfi Group form 2014 to 2015. This company specialises in providing information to support strategic business decisions. Their online ERP system I had worked on was created to support the day-to-day process of making strategic decisions within businesses. My responsibilities:

  • identifying analytical needs of internal owner collaborating with stakeholders,
  • cooperating with end-users and accountants,
  • preparing HLD and LLD analytical documentation in Visual Paradigm,
  • creating database models using Entity Relationship Diagrams,
  • monitoring operational performance including variance analysis,
  • UI and UX designing of Magazine and CRM Administration Modules,
  • participating in brainstorming session to development new requirements.
Tester / Business Analyst

I was working in Luxmed form 2010 to 2014. This corporation offers total private health care for everyone interested. Probably you know them very well. Here you can find my responsibilities:

  • analyzing, evaluating, modifying, configuring and implementing medical modules of internal system,
  • delivering technical and business requirement specifications for medical business functionalities,
  • existing processes and development procedures supporting,
  • User Interface concept designing,
  • white-box testing of internal system,
  • bugs reporting and preparing test cases,
  • working in SCRUM methodology,
  • participating in design, development and support of internal SaaS system.
Walter Services
Customer Service Consultant

It was my first professional work started in 2009. This German company specialises in customer acquisition and maintenance processes known as BPO. I was working there on:

  • customer acquisition,
  • sales and customer service,
  • designing a new mobile AdProducts,
  • supporting individual and business customers,
  • excel charts,
  • supporting of internal system.